Matthew Wright, WordPress Developer

Why WordPress?

Keep up with 28% of the internet

WordPress is an open-source content management system that powers more than a quarter of the websites in the world. It’s secure, updated regularly, and continuously adding functionality. Tens of thousands of themes determine how a WordPress site looks to its visitors, but the Dashboard is essentially the same for all of them. At its most fundamental level, Posts are regular articles you share with your visitors, and Pages provide static information like an “About Me” section.

The Dashboard of a fresh install of WordPress

WordPress Wisdom

keep things simple behind the scenes

Democratize the web!

WordPress is, first and foremost, a publishing tool. I believe themes should extend the core functionality of the platform without compromising its elegant simplicity. You shouldn’t have to build or configure or drag-and-drop design elements to publish content on your site. That’s not the point of a publishing tool. I build custom solutions for the specific needs of individual clients. There are thousands of off-the-shelf themes boasting an incredible number of features, but they’re rarely easy to use. I make sure you have everything you need and nothing you don’t, so that publishing is painless.

My Work Philosophy

keep the channel open

Whether I’m working with an agency or individual, communication is essential. I’ve worked remotely for over 5 years and enjoyed trouble-free collaboration with people all over the country. If you have a question for me, you’ll get an answer quickly. You can call, text, Skype, ping me on Slack, or fire a flare over my office. If there’s another method of communication you or your team prefer, I’m happy to add it to my repertoire. I wouldn’t expect to be hired for a second project if I was nowhere to be found on the first. If that sounds like your attitude regarding communication, we’ll work together beautifully.