The Work

Bub Gourmand

Bub Gourmand is a food blog I maintain with my partner Molly Notestine. We launched in California on July 13, 2014. We started with recipes, reviews, and craft beer ratings, but decided to focus all of our attention on the food scene of Western Massachusetts when we moved back in 2015. New content has been on hold as Molly was away on Business, but a refresh is coming soon, including a review of Amherst’s The Lumberyard, whose delicious PEI Mussels you see here!

photo by Molly Notestine

Bulletproof Artists

Several years ago I moved Bulletproof to an off-the-shelf WordPress Theme that worked well for about a year, then broke something every other time there was a WordPress update. I built a new theme from the ground up and converted existing products from WP eCommerce to WooCommerce, a move motivated by Woo’s acquisition by Automattic (the company owned by WordPress creator, Matt Mullenweg). The result is a slim, trim, mobile-friendly store that is easy to use.

Chris Brashear

For this site I took an existing HTML site, updated the design a bit to make it responsive, and converted it into a WordPress Theme. I frequently have clients who are happy with the look of their long-established sites, but frustrated that content is so difficult to update. Thanks to WordPress, Chris is able to log into his site from anywhere in the world to post gigs, add tracks for fans to download, and provide information to venues for use in the promotion of his shows.

Nerissa Nields

Nerissa Nields has been blogging since 2004. She used an older site that was difficult to administer and didn’t work well with Blogger, where she posted most of her content. The new WordPress site allows her to post information about her workshops and retreats, share news about her band, and fully imported and seamlessly transitioned her writing blog, making it easy to search over 13 years of posts. It’s also integrated with her social media accounts so that one post goes everywhere, with a click.

photo by Sarah Prall

The Nields

The Nields had a beautiful WordPress site, but needed a functional refresh on the back end. I started from the ground up and built a new theme from the existing design, as well as moving critical customizations to a portable plugin. That means the new site is dead simple to use, but in a few years if they want to change the overall look with a new theme, they won’t lose any of the custom functionalities.

photo by Sarah Prall

Sandbox Fiction

Sandbox Fiction is home to my creative writing. It’s a WordPress Theme meant to look, feel, and function much like an ebook reader. Although all of my sites are responsive, Sandbox was designed for phones and tablets first. The graphics, navigation, everything really is built for a pleasant experience on even the smallest of screens.

photo by Death to Stock

Songs Children Sing

This site celebrates the music of Children’s composer Aline Shader. It has a simple signup that allows visitors to download the sheet music, free of charge, for personal or academic use. It includes audio samples, an easy-to-use directory, and a keyword search to find the perfect tune for any event.

Valley Green Clean

Valley Green’s needs are simple. Their site provides a way for customers, both new and current, to find out more about them and get in touch easily. The mobile-friendly site integrates with their strong, local Twitter following. They’re able to share eco-friendly tips for everyone, and network with other local businesses.